THP’s new collection partner Wecycle

15 January 2020


THP, professional cleaners for IT equipment, data centres and server rooms, becomes a Wecycle collection partner. If THP finds discarded electrical appliances during its work, it will pass these on to Wecycle for recycling. Wecycle organises the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps (e-waste).

THP visits many hundreds of companies every year, for example to clean screens, keyboards, mice and other peripheral equipment. “During our activities, we regularly come across discarded equipment,” says Nathan Talahatu, Marketing, Brand & Innovation Manager at THP. “It is in line with our sustainable business philosophy not only to look at the lifespan of devices, but also to deal with discarded equipment responsibly. Via Wecycle we are certain that it is recycled properly and in this way, we are helping our customers.”

Jan Vlak, General Director of Wecycle, about the collaboration: “We are always looking for partners to strengthen our collection network. A service provider such as THP is often confronted with discarded IT equipment that often remains in place and runs the risk of being thrown away. We arrange for new raw materials made out of these. In this way, together we contribute to the circular economy.”

About THP

THP is the market leader in hygienic cleaning of workplace equipment, data centres and server rooms and taking care of cable management. THP works with well-trained employees who are VCA, ESD, NEN 3140 and Cleanroom certified. More information on the website.

About Wecycle

We are the non-profit foundation that organises the collection and recycling of e-waste in the Netherlands. We do this for six producer organisations, to which 1,750 producers and importers of electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps are affiliated. We organise the collection and recycling cost-effectively and with a maximum environmental return. We have 10,000 collection points in the Netherlands and work together with many collection partners including municipalities, shops, installation companies, recycling companies and with transporters and processors of e-waste. That’s how we contribute to the circular economy every day.

In our Wecycle Service Centres, we connect the circular to the social economy. When sorting and dismantling devices, we give people who have difficulty entering the regular labour market prospects for a job and the quality of recycling increases.

In 2017, we collected and recycled 107 million kilos of e-waste with a useful application of 97 per cent. This has prevented emissions of 345 million kilos of CO2.