Clean datacenter

Clean datacenter

Your data centre is the digital heart of your organisation. It is important to keep this room and the fragile equipment present there in top condition. Among other things, you do this by having the cooling fully in order and by properly protecting your data centre against cyber attacks. But there is still another enemy that can cause major problems: contamination.


A data centre contains expensive devices that are sensitive to contamination such as floating particles and dust. These types of contamination are sometimes hardly visible or not visible. This contamination can accumulate in the server equipment and cause slowdown, overheating or even a short circuiting. With all the concomitant operational and financial consequences.

Risk Control

To minimise the risk of contamination, it is necessary to regularly get rid of loose particles and dust. It is therefore vitally important to (pre-emptively) draw up a plan to counteract contamination of your data centre. Most data centres already use controlled airflows to counteract floating particles and dust. But contamination that gets in by way of employees often gets less attention. The same applies to contamination caused by repositioning equipment in the data centre.

Data security

In addition to ‘working safely’, data security is also important for every organisation. THP works with permanent employees who can identify themselves at all times and can present an extensive certificate of good conduct that is no older than 2 years. In addition, our employees have undergone extensive screening.

Best practices Clean Data Centre

Customers whose ‘digital heart’ we regularly attend to can be found within national government, for example the National Police, and within regional government. In addition, our services are used in the financial sector, for example at Stater as well as in the healthcare sector and in industry. An overview of some of our references can be found on our projects page.

Request a Risk Management Audit

Are you wondering how to look after the digital heart of your organisation? Use our Risk Management Audit which has been especially developed for this purpose. The Audit gives you insight into the current situation. If necessary, it offers you the chance to respond to bottlenecks adequately and in time.

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