Your hardware hygienically clean!

Cleaning workplace equipment is specialist work that is not in any way part of ordinary cleaning maintenance. THP is the market leader in hygienic deep cleaning of workplace equipment such as keyboards, mice, monitors, laptops and CPU cabinets. We also clean server rooms and data centres and take care of managing the cables. This is the way in which THP contributes to a safe and healthy working environment for employees in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Opt for periodic cleaning of workplace equipment, because:

  • Clean equipment makes work much more pleasant and increases productivity!
  • Clean equipment contributes to the good health of your employees!
  • Clean equipment causes fewer malfunctions and lasts longer!

Workplace check

If you want to know about the hygiene of the workplace equipment within your organisation, do the Workplace check entirely without obligation. We are happy to show you and your colleagues exactly what deep cleaning of the equipment entails.