In 8 steps to a clean data centre

Professional maintenance in 8 steps

We cannot function without data centres these days. They safe and distribute information. This for example makes it possible for us to work in the cloud. It is therefore important to protect the vulnerable devices in data centres and server rooms from hazards, like downtime and failure. Our 8 step program helps you with this.

Step 1. Safe Data Centre Checklist

During the first meeting, we go through the Safe Data Centre Checklist with you. We have developed this checklist to already identify possible risks during the introductory meeting.

Step 2. Risk Management Audit

After we have entered into a collaboration, we schedule a Risk Management Audit. This audit enables us to ascertain how risks can be controlled or reduced to an acceptable level. The Risk Management Audit is repeated on a periodic basis.

Step 3. Particle measurement

The cleanliness of air in data centres is classified according to ISO 14644-1 class 8. To assess whether your data centre meets the standard, we carry out particle measurement prior to the first maintenance session. The particle measurement is repeated on a periodic basis.

Step 4. Maintenance plan

Based on the Safe Data Centre Checklist, the Risk Management Audit and the particle measurement, we draw up a thorough maintenance programme, including management, for your data centre.

Step 5. Guarantee and maintenance reporting

All maintenance activities carried out are recorded by means of maintenance reports. These are available at all times to guarantee the process.

Step 6. Clean Data Centre in-house training

It is important that the employees within your organisation who are authorised to enter the data centre are aware of the policy and maintenance plan. A Clean Data Centre is a collective responsibility. After all, if the policy is not complied with, that will have major consequences for the contamination of the data centre and the associated risks. This awareness ensures that employees start paying attention to a cleaner working environment. After attending the training course, employees receive a certificate as proof of participation.

Step 7. Notice board

It is important that the employees of your organisation, but also visitors and suppliers who enter the data centre, are constantly alerted to the rules of safety and conduct. . To this end, we affix a notice board in front of the entrance to the data centre showing the 10 rules of safety and conduct that apply to the data centre.

Step 8. Record book

Finally, we facilitate a well-organised record book in which all documentation is stored. You have demonstrably taken care of the digital heart of your organisation!

ISO 14644-1 Class 8 norm

Having the ISO 14644-1 norm status is a huge advantage for data centres. This proofs that the room meets the international requirements surrounding cleanrooms. This means less chance of malfunctions and downtime. Our unique 8 step program is designed according to these requirements. We can for example measure the amount of dust and particles in the air and tell if these meet the needed requirements. Next, we can advise what needs to be done to meet the requirements or keep the air this clean. A small investment in professional maintenance can lead to a big advantage.